Are they Safe, Secure, and Lucrative?

Safe Diamonds

Since record keeping began in the late 1970s, Natural Colour Diamonds have doubled in value roughly every five years.

Just like Gold, Silver, and Platinum, Natural Colour Diamonds are a Hard Asset Investment that apparently never fails to retain value. Once purchased a Natural Colour Diamond is more than an object of admiration, it’s a source of security when real-estate, commodities and the world’s stock market have become less reliable, particularly in recessionary times. In uncertain tumultuous economic times they are known to be the simplest and safest way to protect and transport wealth.

The world's largest supplier representing 90% of the world's natural colour diamonds is scheduled for closure in 2018

Natural Colour Diamonds are so rare that for every 10,000 carats of diamonds mined, one colour carat is found

There have been no recent major discoveries of natural colour diamonds. The two most recently discovered mines are in Russia and Canada and they produce only colorless diamonds. It takes ten years to develop a mine from discovery to production. A mine equivalent to $500 million of diamond production must open every year, for the next ten years to meet the increasing demand from consumers. DeBeers closed 3 diamond mines in Africa in 2006. With limited supply and increasing demand, investing in diamonds is safe, secure and lucrative.

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