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Our Services

Hard Asset Capital offers a full range of specialized and customized services to our clients, assuring them of guaranteed quality, commitment and confidentiality:

  • All our diamonds come with a RISK FREE warranty program.
  • Insured and packaged shipping internationally via FedEx, GUARANTEED.
  • An industry driven re-marketing program specifically designed to meet the requirements of each client and their individual needs.
  • A trade-in program on any non-performing hard-asset when used towards the purchase of a rare colour diamond.
  • In-house financing available on transactions in excess of USD $100,000.
  • Shipment of diamonds can be arranged directly to your bank or attorney upon written request.

Our Warranties and Guarantees

Each natural colour diamond sold by HAC is unconditionally guaranteed and risk free to the Buyer with respect to quality, carat weight, colour, cut and clarity as evidenced by the following documentation accompanying each product upon delivery:

  • A certificate issued by one or more of the most reputable, independent and professional gemological laboratories in the world certifying the carat weight, colour, cut and clarity.
  • A 5 business day money back guarantee on all natural colour diamonds purchased from Hard Asset Capital.

Our Guarantee Return Policy

Hard Asset Capital stands behind and GUARANTEES all of our diamonds to be of the highest quality and exactly as stated by us and their accompanied third party certification. We take the utmost care that each diamond purchased has been quality assured by us before shipping, delivery or passing to the client.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase as there appears to be a discrepancy, immediately contact us and we shall do our utmost to investigate and resolve any inconsistency at once.

In the event that a resolution cannot be found to completely satisfy you, we offer a 5 business day money back Guarantee from date of delivery offering a full refund less any extraordinary expenses of handling, shipping, insurance, taxes, bank transaction fees and any costs to us associated in re-classifying our product, if necessary. The product must be in original, new, unworn, unaltered and undamaged condition for a refund to be assured. If delivery is not requested, then the 5 business days begins upon receipt of your final payment towards your purchase.

We are in business to work with our clients and to make sure our clients receive the best possible quality and service that we can offer.


What accompanies all Hard Asset Capital diamonds?

When making an acquisition as important as a natural colour diamond, either for investment purposes and/or for purely aesthetic reasons, you would naturally expect Hard Asset Capital to stand behind every stone, making your purchase absolutely risk free, with respect to quality, colour, cut, carat weight and clarity. To this end, every diamond purchase is accompanied by: A certificate issued by one or more of the world's most reputable and professional independent gemological laboratories, which certifies the quality, colour, cut, carat weight and clarity of your diamond.

Once an client receives their diamond

Once an client has received their purchase we recommend to have them checked by an unbiased local gemologist or jeweller. The gemologist or jeweller should be able to confirm the details of the laboratory or diamond grading report to match the client’s diamond exactly. If any major discrepancy is noted by the gemologist or jeweller which differs from the actual gemological laboratory report, we ask that the client contact us immediately and we shall act to investigate at once and rectify if this has been a mistake in shipping on our part.

If there is a minor difference of opinion between the gemologist or jeweller we take the view of the original established gemological laboratory certificate over the gemologist or jeweller. We advise that the client present a full true copy of the diamond certificate to their gemologist or jeweller for their verification with the diamond. If there is still a substantial difference in opinion this will be investigated and an open amount of time for a refund will be offered until resolved.

In the event we provide the client with a Certificate of Appraisal (the “First Certificate”) from a local appraiser respecting the retail replacement value of a diamond and/or jewellery, we acknowledge that the opinion of the appraiser referenced in the first Certificate is entirely independent and subjective based upon the appraiser’s professional experience, knowledge and education.

In the event the Purchaser obtains a second appraisal of any product purchased from us expressing retail replacement value, the First Certificate shall be deemed as final and the Purchaser shall accept delivery of the product and we shall not be obliged to offer a refund to the Purchaser.

Under no circumstances shall we sell a product to a Purchaser at a price which is greater than the retail replacement value and in every circumstance we sell our product(s) to Purchasers at a price which is substantially less than retail replacement value.

The Highest Possible Standards are Standard

Hard Asset Capital assures that every colour diamond offered for sale to our clients are of the finest quality in the world. We offer only natural, conflict-free colour diamonds, certified by professional and independent gemological laboratories. Hard Asset Capital provides current and timely market information and a full range of after-sales services which encompasses a customised re-marketing strategy, to better serve the needs and expectations of our discerning clientele.

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At Hard Asset Capital, we value the relationships we build with our customers and are committed in sourcing investment diamonds of the highest quality. If you would like to make an inquiry with us, please call or send us an email:


Our Commitment To Privacy
We take customer privacy seriously and do not sell or give out any customer information. We do not keep a mailing list nor distribute a newsletter. Your privacy is extremely important to us. The trust placed in us by our customers is absolutely essential to our success. We understand that and do all we can to earn and protect that trust. We do not share your personal information with any outside companies nor collect any information.