Why Invest In Natural Colour Diamonds Now?

Diamond prices rose five times faster than gold this year due to surging demand from China and India (Thomas Biesheuvel, Bloomberg News, July 6, 2011).

Never in the history of recorded time have Natural Colour Diamonds been poised to appreciate more.

Traded for centuries, Natural Colour Diamonds have shown consistent appreciation since tracking began in the 1970’s, with some colors appreciating 50% to 100% and seemingly more on some days. As supply becomes increasingly limited, industry experts foresee that prices will dramatically rise over the next decade.

The most dramatic impact on the market performance of rare diamonds is the simple fact that they are becoming more and more rare as time goes by. A number of the primary mining sources are facing closure and within the next decade, it is predicted that demand will surpass supply, which will add even more value to what is already a stellar investment commodity.

Hard Asset Capital has access to the world’s top producing mines and diamond supplies, to help guide your purchase of rare diamonds and add real long-term value to your portfolio.

Natural Colour Diamond Supply/Demand

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