Why Natural Colour Diamonds?

Natural Colour Diamonds are the world's most concentrated form of wealth.

Natural Colour Diamonds are the most valuable gemstones on earth as determined on a price per carat basis. Exceptionally fine colour diamonds have no fixed price - and as with fine paintings such as a van Gogh or a di Vinci , set rules do not apply. Their true value will be determined when they are sold at auction or through a Diamond Consultant.

Investing in natural colour diamonds is a mid to long-term investment. The recent economic cycle has seen natural colour diamonds reach new heights in value as price records have been consistently broken. As an example a one carat Fancy Intense Internally Flawless Pink Diamond could have been purchased for approximately $70,000.00 a carat 20 years ago, today an investor would realize a return in excess of 700% as that same diamond is now worth $500,000.00 per carat.

Natural Colour Diamonds are now attracting sophisticated investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with hard assets as a hedge against increasing instability in financial markets.

Universally acknowledged as a hedge against inflation, diamonds have historically provided portability, liquidity and marketability worldwide, especially in times of war and political conflict. Investment quality natural colour diamonds are recognized as an integral part of any portfolio and investment strategy.

Yellow Diamond Projection

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